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Mrs. IbuSiskai/IbuAyu/PakRudy [Marketing]
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Phone number of Mrs. IbuSiskai/IbuAyu/PakRudy at Tangerang
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Mobile number of Mrs. IbuSiskai/IbuAyu/PakRudy at Tangerang
Jl. Gatot Subroto KM 5.5 No.8D-8E Jatiuwung
Tangerang 15135, Banten
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GENSET HONDA DAISHIN ( 100% made in japan)
Pricesilahkan hubungi kami untuk lebih jelasnya.
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Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Quantityready stock
Pack. & Deliverykarton packing
GENSET HONDA DAISHIN ( 100% MadeInJapan) .
Engine 100% Honda JAPAN( not ThaiHonda or JialingHonda) .
Generator 100% DAISHIN JAPAN.

Premium fuel.
AVR system and Hz system; highly stabilize of voltage( 220V) and Hz( 50Hz) ; will not brake every sensitive electronic devices.

Ready stock in various of types/ capacity:
SGA3001Ha ( 2, 2kVa)
SGB3001Ha ( 2, 2kVa)
SGB4001Ha ( 3, 6kVa)
SGB6001Has ( double stater/ 4, 8kVa)
SGB7001Has ( double stater/ 5, 5kVa)

1-year full guarantee( service& lspareparts) .
Ready stock.
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